Cardlib reference Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AuthErrorException class for authentication errors, like wrong PIN input etc
CardBaseRepresents basic ISO7816-4 smartcard
CardBase::FCIFile Control Info structure, parsed
CardDataErrorException class thrown when unexpected or inconistent data is read from card
CardErrorException class for smart card errors, keeps the SW1 SW2 codes
ConnectionBaseRepresents connection to smart card reader
CTAPIConnectionHolds connection parameters for CTAPI card connection
CTAPIManagerCollection of CTAPI libraries
DynamicLibraryWraps a dynamically loaded system library
EstEidCardEstonian ID card class. Supplies most of the card functions
EstEidCardMaintainerEstonian ID card maintaier class, for generating keys and replacing certificates
ManagerInterfaceAbstraction of system smarcard managers
PCSCConnectionHolds connection parameters for PCSC card connection
PCSCManagerWinSCard/PCSCLite wrapper
SCErrorException class for smartcard subsystem errors
SmartCardManagerUnified class for smarcard managers
TransactionWraps a beginTransaction/endTransaction pair

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